"B. A. D."

January 6 - February 12, 2012
Beverly Arts Center
Chicago, IL

Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop.)
wants to know what is bad...

Or B. A. D., really.

Is it a value judgment as in "naughty or nice",
a matter of taste like rhinoplasty,
a consequence of truth such as vitiligo or
just simply, a single sequined glove?

In any event, a double-edged sword, to be sure.
But add periods to make it an acronym and all hell breaks loose either as

Beautiful And Dangerous or
Big And Dumb or
Bodacious And Divine or
Bawdy And Dirty or
Beefy And Delicious or Boring And Derivative or
Bambi And Dumbo…

So is it too soon to ask such a question?
Probably not.

featuring David Leggett, Nancy Y. Kim, Karin Kuroda, Max Byron Garrett, Kirk Faber, Benjamin Bellas, C.C. Ann Chen, Paul Hopkin, Jeffrey Grauel, Ben Stone, Chris Naka, Alison Ruttan, Nipporn Production (Mayumi Lake and Yoshie Pickup), Andreas Fischer, Judith Brotman, Susannah Papish, Diego Leclery, Meg Duguid, Jason Dunda, Carol Jackson, Heidi Norton, You-Ni Chae, Alex Herrera, Dave Murray, Young J. Cho, Greyson Hong, Stephanie Brooks, Gerard Brown, Jenyu Wang, Erin LaRocque, Patrick Quilao, Hao Ni, Academy Records, James Kao, Jason Guo and Joshua Slater.