Or I Ching, You Ching, WE ALL Ching... For I Ching

October 16 - November 20, 2010
portage ARTspace
Chicago, IL

Blurring the literal boundary between home and gallery, between art and decoration, between curatorial practice and interior design, between (Far) East and West, MOLAR Productions proudly presents

Or I Ching, You Ching, We ALL Ching... for I Ching.

Imagine an empty room.

Where to put things, all your personal stuff including artwork neatly or not requires geomancy or the art of placement which the Chinese call feng shui. Otherwise the flow of chi is disrupted and negative energy results from lack of Kansei engineering.

But no need to fret.

With fu dogs, ba quas and joss sticks in hand Johannah Silva (portage ARTspace founder & director) and Larry Lee (MOLAR Productions) along with their ersatz team of select artists, designers and craftspeople namely, Gabriel Bizen Akagawa, Christina Dougherty, Molly Jinam Kim, Sean M. Gallero, Jeanne Medina, Avika Bhansali, Surabhi Ghosh, Cecca Morrone, Ling-An Fang, Greyson Hong, Joanne Aono, Hui-min Tsen, Hee Jin Koo, Regin Igloria, Naomi Yorke, Shreya Sethi, Laura Kina, James Kao, Ana Ut Kei, Emily Lin, accessorize if not transform a boring white cube into an exotic den/parlor/showroom inspired by Pier One, Cost Plus World Market, IKEA and other fine home furnishings stores.