"Coming Soon..."

April 2- June 30, 2004
Gene Siskel Film Center
Chicago, IL

"Coming Soon..." explores the influences and impact of film globally and Hollywood specifically on Asian and Asian American culture and vice versa through the eyes of Generation X and younger. The role film as a whole plays through moving images and spoken words in shaping ideas of the American or European mythos is inescapable. Ideologies of who represents the hero or heroine and what is the perfect or imperfect society abound, propagated by the directorial and sometimes auteuristic visions reflecting if not determining the prevailing moods of the people, place or times. But beyond the politics of representation is the worn terrain where these tropes of stereotypes still reign. So how do these issues translate for the so-called second baby boom wave fluent in pop cultural language and mass media savvy? Given their sense of the postmodern, what are the effects on their world within this context? The artwork within this show not only harbingers anotheroutlook borne of computers, anime, MTV and digital technology, but just as importantly invites viewers attending the film festival to further narrow the gap between art, life and cinema.

Jaishri Abichandani (left)
Jaishri Abichandani (center)
Howie Tsui (right)
Greg Grucel (left)
Greg Grucel (center)
Ray Yang (right)
Ray Yang (left)
Laura Kina (center)
Howie Tsui (right)
Jaishri Abichandani (left)
Omar Vera (center)
Ann Poochareon (right top)

Project  A  (right bottom
Ciara Intengen, Drew Ee, Anida Ali, Jung Me Jamie Kim, Chien Yuan, Ruben Sun, Amy Weng, Tomoko Kawanaka, Anne Marie Lickteig, My-Linh Ngyuen, Dale Parachelles, Laura Kina, Greg Grucel, Suraiya Nathani