Don Lambert (left)
Oli Watt (center)
C.C. Ann Chen (right)
Chris Naka (left)
Gabriel Bizen Akagawa (center)
Jaye Rhee (right)
Jason Dunda (left)
Andreas Fischer (center)
Rosalyn Gingerich
Eun Young Choi (left)
Angeline Evans (center)
Andrea DeMers (right)
Jeffrey Grauel (left)
Paul Hopkin (center)
Myungah Hyon (right)
Sung Jae Bang (left)
Laura Kina (center)
Steve Lacy (right)
Alex Lee (left)
Helen McElroy (center)
Susannah Papish
Irene Perez (left)
Irene Perez (center)
Rebecca Walz and Titus Polo (right)
Jennifer Yorke (left)
Mayumi Lake (center)
Deborah Handler (right)

September 30 - October 22, 2005
Chicago, IL

Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop.) proudly presents a domestic exercise of the democratic process as curatorial practice whereby artists of all creeds such as

Andreas Fischer, Paul Hopkin, Jeffrey Grauel, C.C. Ann Chen,
Susannah Papish, Laura Kina, Jason Dunda, Jennifer Yorke, Oli Watt, Steve Lacy, Deborah Handler, Gabriel Bizen Akagawa, Irene Perez, Chris Naka, Alex Lee, Jaye Rhee, Don Lambert, Helen McElroy,  Andrea DeMers, Rosalynn Gingerich, Michael Giles, Angeline Evans, Myungah Hyon, Eun Young Choi, Mayumi Lake, Sung Jae Bang, Rebecca Walz and Titus Dawson-Polo

address the Grand Tradition of what represents Painting from a hermetic perspective (those who actually paint) and from a decidedly heuristic point-of-view (those who usually don't) that affects the perception of exhibition venue.

"Everybody Paints!"
gallery entrance (left)
loft area (center)
rear gallery (right)