"someone you should know"
Brian Doyle
Nancy Kim
Laura Kina

Jin Lee
Angela Morgan Cutler
Chris Naka
Shin Yu Pai

Ann Poochareon
Howie Tsui

Omar Vera
Sarah Wild
Chien Yuan
Jeffrey Grauel
Samia Mirza
Michiko Itatani
Gabriel Bizen Akagawa
James Kao
Anida Yoeu Ali
Susannah Papish
You Ni Chae
Cheng-Yung Kuo
C. C. Ann Chen
Judith Brotman

Larry Lee
(pop rock vocalist)
Larry Lee (baseball coach)
Larry Lee (HK action film actor)
Larry Lee (mathematics professor)

Larry Lee (computer scientist)
Larry Lee (attorney at law)
Larry Lee (medical doctor)
Larry Lee (insurance agent)
Larry Lee (editor-in-chief, ChinaDaily)
Larry Lee (rock and roll pioneer)
Larry Lee (former NFL lineman and bassist)
Larry Lee (seashell artist)

"art, baby"
Tony Wight Gallery

Kavi Gupta Gallery
Western Exhibitions
Skestos Gabriele Gallery
mn gallery
Lloyd Dobler Gallery
M.Y.Art Prospects (New York)
Artists Space (New York)
White Columns (New York)
Spaces (Cleveland)
DiverseWorks (Houston)
Creative Alliance (Baltimore)
artSPACE (New Haven)
Actual Size (Los Angeles)

"let my peoples go"
sian American Artist Collective
Center for Asian Arts and Media
Foundation of Asian American Independent Media

Giant Robot
Asian American Arts Alliance
Asian American Writer's Workshop
Diasporic Asian Art Network
Asian Arts Initiative
Kearny Street Workshop
Asian American Arts Centre

"he shoots, he scores"
ational Basketball Association
Major League Baseball
National Football League
National Hockey League
Chicago Bears
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Bulls

Chicago Blackhawks

"some just as good, none better"
Flukie's Hot Dogs
Noon O Kabob
Lao Sze Chuan
Calo's Ristorante and Pizzeria
Pancho Pistolas
Ed's Potsticker House
Sun Wah BBQ