The (Un)Timely Death of Multiculturalism
(as part of Five Funerals Project presented by the Alliance of Pentiphilic Curators,
Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland, props.)

multimedia production/performance with bagpiper James Brian, Helen Maurene Cooper as Ghost; Windy City Rollers as pallbearers; Paolo Cabal, You-Ni Chae, Carron Little, Johanna Silva, Jenyu Wang, Juan Marinez, Sabeen Ashroff Omar, Shreya Sethi, and Marina Miliou-Theocharaki as interpreters; and Inadequate Security (Sarah Wild and Jeffrey Grauel in collaboration)

dimensions variable

MULTICULTURALISM, that woebegone buzzword of our collective effort to be a Coca Cola commercial teaching the world to sing—TOGETHER and in perfect harmony—is sadly dead.

Off-key with just a hint of bad breath, such good intentions once hallelujahed in glory have faded, turned sour and lost face. So face down in the mud, it now needs a proper yet colorful burial to segue from a lame duck ideal whose time finally passed by.

Your host Larry Lee along with the minions on hand will bid a fond adieu to our unspecified yet ethnic-inclusive, gender-neutral, and politically correct, et al, friend in a decidedly non-denominational service.

Photodocumentation by Cheng-Yung Kuo
Film documentation by Alex Zhang