"Paul WHO?"

August 23 - October 11, 2009

Chicago, IL

Paul Hopkin is slow.

But everyone knows that. Or so you would think because if not, they will soon. And to make sure, why not advertise this fact with a really big show on August 23rd starting around 6pm or thereabouts where

Carrie Gundersdorf, Judith Brotman, Susannah Papish, Carol Jackson, Brooke Barnett, Jason Dunda, Mican Morgan, Gwenn Ael Lynn, Michael Hunter, Platform Projects (Michael Langhoff), Andrew Holmquist, Sarah Wild, Megan Powell, Jeffrey Grauel, Gabriel Bizen Akagawa, Todd Chilton, John Henley, C.C. Ann Chen, Chris Naka, Michael Rocco, Nika Levando and (Backyard) August Gallery (Jamilee Polson)

a motley crew of artists, friends and cronies (but no relatives) Paul likes, or at least is intrigued by, who loosely investigate the cult of personality and myth of what drives the man himself

answer that burning question:

"Paul WHO?"

All this from the long-awaited return of MOLAR Productions just to inaugurate his (Paul's) new storefront gallery... slow.

John Henley, Carol Jackson (left)
Michael Rocco (center)
Michael Hunter (right)
Mican Morgan (left)
C. C. Ann Chen (center)
Todd Chilton (right)
Jason Dunda (left)
Nika Levando (center)
Andrew Holmquist (right)
Gabriel Bizen Akagawa (left)
Jeffrey Grauel (center)
Brooke Barnett
Carrie Gundersdorf (left)
Susannah Papish (center)
Chris Naka
Judith Brotman (left)
Gabriel Akagawa BBQ (center)
octopi (right)
west wall (left)
east wall (center)
August Gallery (right)