SEXIER is a no-holds-barred, edgier take of all things sexual cum (pun intended) pornographic of body, mind and soul ranging from photography to performance to installation to painting to sculpture past the usual objects of desire.

More than just softcore erotica, this decidedly NC-17 rated group show allows Jeffrey Grauel, Eliot Taguiam, Alex Zak, Ei Jane Janet Lin, Miao Jiaxin and Heeran Lee, Zihan Loo, Paul Hopkin, Johannah Silva, Greyson Hong, Ana Ut Kei, Andreas Fischer, Jenyu Wang, Jason Dunda, Wang Ye-Feng, Jeanne Medina with Alexandra Eregbu,Rebecca Walz, Mayumi Lake, Susannah Papish, Kirsten Leenaars, Heidi Norton, Maya Mackrandilal, Alex Herrera, Qing Yang and Tim Schade, Kirk Faber, Matthew Harrison, Brent Garbowski, Paola Cabal, Diego Leclery, Naomi Yorke, Edmund Chia, C.C. Ann Chen, Ling-An Fang, James Kao, I Was Born With Two Mango Tribes Chicago (Chien Yuan, Jon Monteverde, Greg Grucel), Carol Jackson, John Henley,  Academy Records, Jamilee Polson, MZL, Steve L. Jones, Gabriel Bizen Akagawa, Helen McElroy, Joshua Slater, Jason Jozwiak, Joseph Mault, Judith Brotman, Chris Naka, Laura Hsieh, Jiankun Xie, and Erin LaRocque to go beyond tantalizing the imagination, beguling the senses and teasing to hint at something suggestive or provocative.


co-curated with Cheng-Yung Kuo
and Injung Oh Zhoushi

March 11- April 20, 2011
Zhou B.  Art Center
Chicago, IL

Jenyu Wang (left and right)
Helen McElroy (left)
Mayumi Lake (center)
Mayumi Lake (right)
Miao Jiaxin and Heeran Lee (left)
Maya Mackrandilal (center)
Helen McElroy (right)
Alex Zak (left)
Zihan Loo (center)
Laura Hsieh (right)
Brent Garbowski (left)
I Was Born With Two Mango Tribes (center)
Judith Brotman (right)
Ling-An Fang (left)
Paul Hopkin, Johannah Silva,
Jiankun Xie;
left to right (center)
Joseph Mault, Erin LaRocque
left to right (right)
John Henley, Jamilee Polson;
left to right (left)
Edmund Chia, Heidi Norton;
left to right (center)
Jenyu Wang, Chris Naka
left to right (right)
Susannah Papish, Kirk Faber;
left to right (left)
Susannah Papish (center)
Carol Jackson, Chris Naka,
Diego Leclery
left to right (right)
Ana Ut Kei, Chris Naka, Carol Jackson;
left to right (left)
Judith Brotman (center)
Chris Naka, Alex Herrera;
left to right (right)
Paola Cabal (left)
Andreas Fischer (center)
Ei Jane Janet Lin and Miao Jiaxin (right)
Ling-An Fang (left)
Laura Hsieh (center)
Joseph Mault (right)
Laura Hsieh (left)
Maya Mackrandilal (center)
Brent Garbowski (right)
Miao Jiaxin and Heeran Lee (left)
Naomi Yorke (center)
John Henley (right)
Jeanne Medina
with Alexandra Eregbu (left)
Jason Dunda (center)
I Was Born With Two Mango Tribes
Judith Brotman (left)
Helen McElroy (center)
Gabriel Bizen Akagawa (right)
Matthew Harrison (left)
C. C. Ann Chen
Chris Naka (right)
Kirsten Leenaars (left)
Alex Zak (center)
Greyson Hong (right)
Steven L. Jones (left)
Academy Records (center)
Rebecca Walz (left)
Qing Yang and Tim Schade (center)
Wang Ye-Feng (right)
James Kao (right)
Kirk Faber (left)
Jason Jozwiak (center)
Erin LaRocque (right)
Joshua Slater (left)
MZL (center)

Heidi Norton (left)
Carol Jackson (center)
Eliot Taguiam (right)

Alex Herrera (left)
Ana Ut Kei (center)
Mayumi Lake (right)
Jeffrey Grauel and
Eliot Taguiam
Erin LaRocque (center)
Paul Hopkin (right)
Johannah Silva (left)
Diego Leclery (center)
Jamilee Polson (right)
Zihan Loo (right)
Installation shots by Cheng-Yung Kuo
Edmund Chia (left)
Jiankun Xie (center)
Ei Jane Janet Lin and Maio Jiaxin (right)
Susannah Papish (left)
Jiankun Xie (center)
Carol Jackson (right)
Andreas Fischer (left)
Andreas Fischer (center)
Andreas Fischer (right)