April 1 - May 26, 2011
Gene Siskel Film Center
Chicago, IL

“Nowadays just about any and everything can be categorized as “sexy”. But what turns people on oftentimes derives from the eye that then can travel below the neckline to lower regions encompassing how something or someone smells or tastes or feels as well as looks.

So does it affect the mind as something sensual? Or is it more physical, a biological condition, a chemical reaction or a physiological attraction, perhaps?"

“Sexy” is a group show featuring works by ┬áIn Jung Oh, Adam Van Eeckhout, Joy Higgins, You-Ni Chae, Ian Miyamura, Cheng-Yung Kuo and Ei Jane Janet Lin, Ling-An Fang, Adrian Wong, Margaret Kerr, Chien An Yuan, Jenyu Wang, Jordan Fu, James Kao, Mayumi Lake, Nori Itsuma, Shreya Sethi and Johannah Silva tantalizing the mind, beguiling senses and teasing to hint at something suggestive or provocative from a decidedly Asian and Asian American perspective.


Nori Itsuma (left)
James Kao (center)
Ling-An Fang (right)
Jenyu Wang (left)
Shreya Sethi (right)
Adrian Wong (left, center, right)
Margaret Kerr (left, center, right)
Margaret Kerr (left)
Adam Van Eeckhout (right)
In Jung Oh Zhoushi (left)
You-Ni Chae (cente
In Jung Oh Zhoushi (right)
Chien Yuan (left)
Chien Yuan (right)
Chien Yuan (left)
Joy Higgins (right)