"...over by the Subaru."

The feng shui of the place down through
nonfiction opposite business reference past
double endcaps up around then along romance

to science fiction is difficult timing
a trigramic labyrinth unconducive for
the flowing chi essential to positive

karmic hand-eye coordination.
The taller-than-life shelves partitioned in
between claustrophobic lanes of spined

jacket covers defend sovereign territory
under constant aerial assault at seven o'clock
sharp as double glass vestibule doors automatically

lock to insulate crucial air currents from affecting
prescripted flight paths and aerodynamic spirals
How does the wind blow? Forcefully?

Like a howling wind? Or acquiesently?
Bending like bamboo?
Huddled around philosophy we consult

Sun Tzu who counsels therefore when
it moves swiftly it is like the wind, slowly adapt
to your terrain and understand it to be victorious.

Forgiving water swallows impervious
stone as yielding Nerf adheres to fleshy hands
Overhead fluorescent light fixtures

dangle loosely errant victims of long
post patterns down the center aisle
of hardcover fiction.