Mom understood how
raw ginger

stir-fried crisp

wrapped into aluminum foil
then bundled in a cloth napkin

rubbed deeply
in small quick circles
so as to not sear tender skin

restores balance
of wind
and fire within

the delicate stomach lining

a simple physical matter
resulting from overindulging
the doctor diagnosed as
a slight tear

to be treated
with bland diets
devoid of hot spices
and greasy foods

I swallowed
white magnesium liquid
meant to glow
under x-rays
so that he could better see

yet he knew
somehow figured out

trying to fit in
so far away
out of harmony

caused too much stress
for someone so young
not barely fifteen

But what did he know
of being nondescript

a muddled object
no one here
can categorize
or classify

either black or white
with nothing in between
but gray

a good doctor
can deduce my ailment

but how about the treatment
above my intestines

how can raw ginger cure

what only in itself
reminds me
of the problem?

Next time
let the ginger burn.